Watch online Amadeus (1984) Director’s Cut

Watch online Amadeus (1984) Director’s Cut

Watch online Amadeus (1984) Director’s CutName: Amadeus (Director’s Cut)

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Rating: 8.3 Stars (8.3 / 10)

Length:  3h

Release Date: 19 September 1984 (USA)


The incredible story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, told by his peer and secret rival Antonio Salieri – now confined to an insane asylum.

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Watch online Amadeus (1984). The elderly Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham) calls for forgiveness from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce) for having been his assassin; Salieri cuts his own throat. During the night, Salieri is put into a lunatic asylum where the following day the young Father Vogler (Richard Frank) visits him and elicits his confession. Salieri is disinterested but then warms to the priest’s interest.

Salieri explains that when he was young his father had a higher regard to pray to protect commerce than have his son through music, devotion to celibacy and sacrifice achieve the glory of god. Salieri’s father had the opinion that Mozart was a trained monkey. Salieri perceives his father’s death as divine intervention to make a life in music possible especially when Salieri finds himself in Vienna, the “city of musicians” and he is eventually appointed court composer for Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II (Jeffrey Jones). Salieri would become well known, popular and content, and he would believes his successes are God’s rewards for his piety.

All that existed between Salieri and Mozart was the latter’s reputation and accomplishments. Then when Mozart came to town, Salieri could see Mozart directly; the impression was made that Mozart was not a paragon of virtue. Mozart was boorish, irreverent, and lewd–the physical did not match Salieri’s perceived level of devotion Salieri had for his own gift. Their increased interactions showed that it was Salieri that had a much tougher time at composition than Mozart. Salieri composed with much toil “March of Welcome” as a tribute of the Emperor for welcoming Mozart into his court. Salieri said that from one recital, Mozart effortlessly improvised on site the “trifle” into what later would become the “Non più andrai” march from his opera The Marriage of Figaro.

Salieri perceives Mozart’s musical skill so miraculous that he will make every effort to thwart Mozart because God is working through Mozart to laugh at Salieri’s mediocraty. Nevertheless, Mozart is encountering trials and tribulations of his own in his career: life in Vienna: pride at the initial reception of his music, anger and disbelief over his subsequent snubbing by the Italians of the Emperor’s court, happiness with his wife Constanze (Elizabeth Berridge) and his son Karl, and grief at the death of his father Leopold (Roy Dotrice). Mozart becomes more desperate as the family’s expenses increase and his commissions decrease. When Salieri learns of Mozart’s financial straits, he sees his chance to avenge himself, using “God’s Beloved” (the literal meaning of “Amadeus”) as the instrument. Free online streaming Amadeus (1984). Salieri plots to gain ultimate victory over Mozart and God. He disguises himself in a masked costume similar to one he saw Leopold wear at a party, and commissions Mozart to write a requiem mass, giving him a down payment and the promise of an enormous sum upon completion. Mozart begins to write the piece, the Requiem in D minor, unaware of the true identity of his mysterious patron and oblivious of his murderous intentions. Glossing over any details of how he might commit the murder, Salieri dwells on the anticipation of the admiration of his peers and the court, when they applaud the magnificent Requiem, and he claims to be the music’s composer. Only Salieri and God would know the truth—that Mozart wrote his own requiem mass, and that God could only watch while Salieri finally receives the fame and renown that he deserves.

Mozart’s financial situation worsens due to his spendthrift lifestyle. This, combined with his heavy drinking, continued grief over the death of his father, and the composing demands of the Requiem and The Magic Flute drive him to the point of exhaustion as he alternates work between the two pieces. After an argument, Constanze leaves him and takes their son with her. His health worsens, and he collapses during a performance of The Magic Flute. Salieri takes the stricken Mozart home and convinces him to work on the Requiem. Mozart dictates while Salieri transcribes throughout the night. When Constanze returns in the morning, she tells Salieri to leave. Constanze locks the manuscript away despite Salieri’s objections, but as she goes to wake her husband, she finds that Mozart is dead. The Requiem is left unfinished, and Salieri is left powerless as Mozart’s body is hauled out of Vienna for burial in a pauper’s mass grave.

The film ends as Salieri finishes recounting his story to the visibly shaken young priest. Salieri concludes that God killed Mozart rather than allow Salieri to share in even an ounce of his glory, and that he is consigned to be the “patron saint of mediocrity”. Salieri absolves the priest of his own mediocrity and blesses his fellow patients as he is taken away in his wheelchair. The last sound heard before the credits roll is Mozart’s high-pitched laughter. Watch Amadeus (1984) online.