Watch online The Belko Experiment (2016)

Watch online The Belko Experiment (2016)

Watch online The Belko Experiment (2016)

Name: The Belko Experiment
Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller
Rating: 6.1 Stars (6.1 / 10)
Length: 1h 29min
Release Date: 17 March 2017 (USA)



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In a twisted social experiment, 80 Americans are locked in their high-rise corporate office in Bogotá, Colombia and ordered by an unknown voice coming from the company’s intercom system to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed.
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Watch online The Belko Experiment (2016). Mike Milch (John Gallagher Jr.), an employee of Belko Industries, arrives at his remote office building in rural Bogotá, Colombia, to find newly-hired security guards turning away the local Colombian staff at the gate. Mike — like his girlfriend Leandra (Adria Arjona), chief operating officer Barry (Tony Goldwyn), and everyone else at the nonprofit company — has been there for a little over a year. New employee Dany (Melonie Diaz) reports for her first day on the job, and is told that a tracking device is implanted in the base of every Belko employee’s skull in case they are kidnapped. This is common in Colombia due to the high level of drug trafficking and Belko being a wealthy company.

Evan (James Earl), Belko’s head security guard does not know who the new security guards are, nor why the Colombian staff have been barred from entering. Mike also sees the guards moving in and out of an airplane hangar next door. He tells Evan and both are confused.

With the local staff gone, the eighty employees left at the office go about their day as usual. Once the eightieth employee shows up for her job, a voice on the intercom then instructs the coworkers to kill two of their co-workers, or else more will be killed at random. Several staff attempt to flee the building, but steel shutters suddenly rise up, sealing off the outside walls and doors and locking them all in. They ignore the announcement at first, believing it to be a prank, but four employees die when explosives hidden in their trackers detonate and blow their heads apart. The employees believe the deaths are due to sniper fire at first, but Mike realizes the actual cause and attempts to remove his tracker with a box cutter. Warned by the voice that he too will die unless he stops within ten seconds, Mike gives up the idea.

The group is next told that unless thirty of them are dead within two hours, sixty will be killed. They split into two factions, led by Mike and Barry; Mike believes that there should be no killing, while Barry intends to follow the directions in order to prevent more deaths. Barry and his group find a cache of firearms meant for the security staff and attempt to burn off the lock, as Evan refuses to hand over the keys. Mike and his group, including Leandra, Evan, and tech worker Keith (Josh Brener) try to hang banners from the roof of the building as a call for help, but soldiers outside shoot at them, hitting Keith in the hand. The voice warns that unless they stop, all involved will be killed, forcing them to abandon the plan. Barry, executive Wendell (John C. McGinley), and employee Terry (Owain Yeoman) knock Mike out, kill Evan, and take Evan’s keys to the weapons cache.Free online streaming The Belko Experiment (2016). With his group now armed, Barry orders everyone down to the lobby and tries to calm them down. He and Wendell select thirty people at random, including Mike, forcing them to kneel in a line. He begins executing them with a gunshot to the back of the head. Dany, who has been hiding in the basement, hears gunshots and goes up to the floor, sees what is happening and runs back to the basement. She shuts off the building’s lights before Mike and several others are killed.

Barry and Wendell hunt down the fleeing employees, and informs them that only twenty-nine have been killed. Terry attacks Leandra, but she gains the upper hand and opts to spare him, only for the two-hour time limit to run out. Terry and Keith, along with twenty-nine other employees, have their trackers explode, leaving only a few survivors. The voice informs them that the one who kills the most people by the end of the day will be allowed to walk out alive. The voice lists the people who have killed the most. Barry, Wendell, and Vince (Brent Saxton), the head of human resources, begin killing indiscriminately. Another employee, Marty (Sean Gunn), collects the unexploded trackers from the heads of people who have died by other methods, planning to use them to blow up the wall. Marty groups up with Leandra, but is soon killed by Wendell. Leandra manages to kill Wendell, and Mike takes the trackers. While Mike and Leandra escape, Barry kills Vince and Dany, and shoots Leandra, who dies from her wound shortly after. Mike and Barry are left as the only two survivors.

In a rage, Mike chases Barry. the two fight briefly and Mike kills Barry with a tape dispenser. The building is then unsealed, as he is the last survivor, and the soldiers escort him to the hangar next door. There, he meets the owner of the voice (Gregg Henry), who introduces himself as a social scientist who believes that discoveries about human nature can only come from placing people in extreme environments. As he and his colleagues begin to ask Mike about his emotional and mental state, Mike notices a panel of switches that correspond to the eighty employees. Having planted Marty’s trackers on the soldiers, he charges across the room and flips every switch except his own. The trackers explode, killing the soldiers. Mike picks up a gun and kills the Voice then leaves the warehouse in a state of shock. The view zooms out to reveal that Mike is one of hundreds of sole survivors from similar experiments, being watched by another group through security cameras. A new voice states that “stage one is complete” and “stage two will now commence.” Watch The Belko Experiment (2016) online.