Watch online Berlin Syndrome (2017)

Watch online Berlin Syndrome (2017)

Watch online Berlin Syndrome (2017)

Name: Berlin Syndrome
Genre: Thriller
Rating: 6.3 Stars (6.3 / 10)
Length: 1h 56min
Release Date: 26 May 2017 (USA)



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A passionate holiday romance leads to an obsessive relationship, when an Australian photojournalist wakes one morning in a Berlin apartment and is unable to leave.
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Watch online Berlin Syndrome (2017). Clare (Teresa Palmer), a young Australian tourist, is backpacking around Germany, taking photographs of architecture and exploring shops. In Berlin, she meets a local man named Andi (Max Riemelt) and has a one-night stand with him. The next morning, however, she finds that he has locked her in his apartment. She believes him when he says he accidentally forgot to leave her a key, and she stays with him another night. Soon, however, Clare realizes Andi has no intention of ever letting her go, and that he has written the word meine (mine) on her shoulder and stolen her SIM card from her phone. She tries to escape by smashing the windows but discovers they are double paned. To her amazement, when Andi comes home, he acts like nothing is wrong, offering her flowers and pesto. She screams and attacks him but he physically restrains her, then keeps her tied up.
Watch online Berlin Syndrome (2017). Andi lives what appears to be a normal life: he teaches English and physical education at a sports school, and has a close relationship with his father, a professor. While Clare is locked up inside his apartment, he has a casual dinner with his father and mentions that he’s dating a new young woman, an Australian named Clare. His father asks what happened to Natalie, and Andi tells him that she went back to Canada. His father mentions Andi’s mother, and Andi speaks bitterly about how she defected to the west before the Wall came down. That night when Andi lets Clare shower, she is horrified to find long blond hair clumped in the drain, and realizes she is likely not the first woman he has kept there. Meanwhile, Andi pretends like things are normal, cheerfully telling Clare, “I told my father about us” and “I texted your mother for you.” Clare manages to find a screwdriver, which she uses to attack Andi and flee the apartment, but he catches up with her and brings her back after breaking her hand.
Watch online Berlin Syndrome (2017). One night, one of Andi’s students, a teenaged gymnast named Franka (whom he is attracted to), shows up at his door. Franka sees a flash of Clare wet in a towel, and Andi tells her it’s his girlfriend, and then puts Franka down so she leaves. Meanwhile, Andi continues with his bizarre behavior, taking Polaroids of Clare in disturbing positions and cutting pieces off her hair.
Watch online Berlin Syndrome (2017). Time passes as Andi keeps Clare locked up in his home as his prisoner. When he finds out his father has died in his sleep, Andi remains in his father’s house for a few days, wandering around depressed, while Clare is left to her own devices, with the power in the apartment off. Unable to escape, she takes polaroids of herself and eats what is left of the food until Andi finally returns a week later. He tells her his father has died, and she appears relieved as she thought he was not going to come back.
Watch online Berlin Syndrome (2017). As the holidays approach, Clare’s attitude seemingly changes and her mood brightens. She learns the accordion, bakes, cleans, and sleeps with Andi willingly. For Christmas, Andi gives her a dog. Just after Christmas, Andi takes her out into the forest, planning to kill her with an axe. Before he does, a child cries out running toward them saying his brother has hurt his leg. She whispers to the boy to go to the police, but he does not understand English and is afraid of her. After the boy’s mother appears, Andi takes Clare home. Clare eventually breaks into a locked room within the apartment and finds a photo book filled with Polaroids of what looks to be the blonde Natalie, who was presumably kidnapped and murdered before her.
Watch online Berlin Syndrome (2017). A man with a flashlight sees Clare in one of the unboarded windows and attempts to rescue her as she cries for help. Andi comes home just then and viciously kills the man. He then forces Clare to help wrap the body in plastic, telling her it’s her fault he killed him. He takes the body outside and burns it. More time passes, as Clare is held prisoner. Andi sees a column in the newspaper about the missing Clare, and decides to kill her. He tells her to pack her things into a backpack under the pretence that he is having the flat fumigated, then leaves for the final time, turning the power and water off as he goes.
Watch online Berlin Syndrome (2017). She opens it, revealing a Polaroid that Clare had hidden for her to find, of Clare bound. She gasps and excuses herself. As Franka leaves the classroom, the Polaroid falls to the floor and is discovered and passed around by the other students. Andi quickly realises that he has been exposed and leaves in a panic, speeding back to his house. Franka has ridden her bike to the apartment and found Clare, but they have not had time to leave when Andi arrives. They hide, and Clare is finally able to trap Andi in the part of the house where he had kept her, locking him in there. Clare is seen later riding in a cab, putting back on a necklace her mother had given her, and that Andi had stolen. She cries happily as she lets her face feel the fresh air from the car window, finally free.
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