Watch online Friend Request (2016)

Watch online Friend Request (2016)

Watch online Friend Request (2016)Name: Friend Request

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Rating: 5.7 Stars (5.7 / 10)

Length: 1h 32min

Release Date: 7 October 2016 (USA)



When a college student unfriends a mysterious girl online, she finds herself fighting a demonic presence that wants to make her lonely by killing her closest friends.
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Watch online Friend Request (2016). Laura is one of the most popular students in college and enjoys her life and family. She is active on social networks and especially likes sharing things about herself with over 800 of her friends on Facebook.

One day, Laura receives a friend request from “Marina”, a girl she barely knows, but nevertheless accepts it and begins a relationship with the lonely girl online and outdoors. However, when Laura shares a picture of herself at her birthday dinner, the jealous and confused Marina angrily confronts Laura at college publicly before she is stopped by security and taken away, vowing revenge on Laura.

That night, Marina commits suicide via a live webcam video she sends to Laura due to the fact that Laura unfriended her off her Facebook page. Soon after, Laura finds herself stalked by Marina’s demonic spirit and threatening to make her “lonely” after taking over her Facebook page in order to remain friends… forever. The spirit kills off laura’s friends one by one while posting videos of each friends death on lauras facebook page showing all her friends while her friends count goes down from the videos laura is unable to delete anything or delete her account as the spirit has taken control… Laura hunts down the place where Marina commits suicide so she can destroy the black mirror which turned Marina into a demon so she can finally destroy Marina and get on with her life, or so its seems…
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