Watch online Nerve (2016)

Watch online Nerve (2016)

Watch online Nerve (2016)Name: Nerve

Genre: Adventure, Crime, Thriller

Rating: 7 Stars (7 / 10)

Length: 1h 36min

Release Date: 27 July 2016 (USA)


A high school senior finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare, where her every move starts to become manipulated by an anonymous community of “watchers.”
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Watch online Nerve (2016). High school senior Venus “Vee” Delmonico (Emma Roberts) receives an email from California Institute of the Arts reminding her to either accept or reject admission that day. Vee longs to leave her home, Staten Island, for college, but she is too cowardly to tell her mother about her admission. Her mother (Juliette Lewis) expects Vee to attend a local affordable college and commute home every night, as the mother is still grieving from the recent death of her son, Vee’s brother.

Vee’s friend, Sydney (Emily Meade), becomes popular in Nerve: an online reality game where people either enlist online as “players” or pay to watch as “watchers”. Players accept dares from watchers, receiving money rewards that increase with the danger of the dare when completed successfully. At Vee’s disinterest, Sydney and her other friends chastise Vee’s unadventurous nature. When Vee refuses to talk to her crush J.P., Sydney approaches J.P. herself and reveals that Vee is interested in him. J.P. rebuffs her, and Vee leaves, mortified.

Furious, Vee signs up for Nerve as a player. The game collects her personal data, including bank information, and explains three rules of the game: all dares must be recorded on the player’s phone, earned money will be revoked if a player fails or “bails” a dare, and a player must not report the game to law enforcement. In addition, the top two most-watched players will compete in a highly sought-after final round. Her first dare is to kiss a stranger at a diner for five seconds. Vee kisses Ian (Dave Franco) because she noticed him reading To the Lighthouse, her favorite book. Ian reveals that he too is a Nerve player. The watchers dare Ian to take Vee to the city, as they think they make a good couple. Vee leaves with him while her friend Tommy (Miles Heizer) secretly follows.

As Vee and Ian take on increasingly risky dares, Vee’s friends discover her presence on Nerve and her increasing popularity. Ian’s new dare tests his trust in Vee: reach 60 miles per hour on his motorcycle while blindfolded. To her reluctance, Ian drives blindly while Vee instructs him. Vee and Ian barely complete the challenge and earn the top-two players with the most watchers, to Sydney’s jealousy. Free online streaming Nerve (2016). Meanwhile, Sydney is dared to cross a ladder laid across two ten-story-high windows. Sydney drops her phone while crossing, and she also bails out as she is too scared to complete it, and so failing the dare and losing the game. Upon arriving at the party, Vee finds Sydney in bed with J.P, leading to an argument between the two girls about their friendship. Vee receives a dare to complete Sydney’s challenges and finishes it successfully. She decides to end Nerve and report it to a nearby cop due to its dangerous dares. The cop does nothing, and subsequently, all of Vee’s money is drained from her bank account. Player Ty (Machine Gun Kelly) then punches her unconscious to keep her out of the competition for the final round.

When Vee reawakens, Ian confesses that while playing Nerve previously with Ty, another friend called Robby fell from a crane during a dare and died. Ian and Ty reported the game to the authorities, losing their money, identities, and subsequently becoming the third category of the game: prisoners. Prisoners have no ability to opt out of dares and can only save themselves by winning in the finals. Ian decides to get in second place to face Vee in the finals and spare her life.

Meanwhile, Vee meets with Tommy and Sydney, who has since regretted fighting with Vee, and composes a plan to end the game another way. Tommy turns to friend Azhar (Samira Wiley) to help overwrite Nerve’s open source code.

Vee and Ian meet in an arena filled with masked watchers, both dared to shoot the other with a handgun. Ian insists that Vee shoot him non-fatally, but she refuses. Ty offers to shoot Ian himself. Vee accuses the watchers of being cowards, hiding behind masks and anonymous usernames while they expect others to show “nerve”. She shields Ian’s body with her own, and watchers nationwide vote whether to kill or spare her. The majority votes to shoot her, and Ty fires. Thanks to Tommy and Azhar’s efforts, a message appears on the watchers’ phones, replacing usernames with their real names and reading “You are an accessory to murder.” The message also prompts them to sign out. Thousands of Nerve watchers sign out of the game while Ian tearfully cradles Vee. When Ian points his gun at Ty, Vee, still alive, stops him. She reveals that she and Ty, with the help of Sydney, orchestrated the “killing” with fake blood and blanks in Ty’s gun.

Ian calls the day their “first date” and reveals that his real name is Sam. They embrace as an anonymous stranger surreptitiously takes their picture. Afterward, Vee and her mother are shown joyfully accepting admission to CalArts (V’s team found a way for her, to keep the $30K+ in winnings from the app.) Vee graduates, moves to California, and continues her friendships with her peers. She and Sam maintain their relationship and visit each other. Watch Nerve (2016) online.