Watch online Seven Psychopaths (2012)

Watch online Seven Psychopaths (2012)

Watch online Seven Psychopaths (2012)Name: Seven Psychopaths

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Rating: 7.2 Stars (7.2 / 10)

Length: 1h 50min

Release Date: 12 October 2012 


A struggling screenwriter inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his oddball friends kidnap a gangster’s beloved Shih Tzu.
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Watch online Seven Psychopaths (2012). Marty Faranan (Farrell) is a struggling writer who dreams of finishing his screenplay, Seven Psychopaths. Marty’s best friend, Billy (Rockwell), makes a living by kidnapping dogs and collecting the owners’ rewards for their safe return. Billy’s partner-in-crime is Hans Kieslowski (Walken), a religious man with a cancer-stricken wife, Myra.

Marty writes a story for another psychopath, the “Quaker”, who stalks his daughter’s killer for decades, driving the killer to suicide and ultimately cutting his own throat to follow him to hell. Billy suggests Marty use the “Jack of Diamonds” killer, perpetrator of a recent double murder, as one of the seven “psychopaths” in his script. Billy places an advertisement in the newspaper inviting “psychopaths” to call and share their stories for Marty to use in his script. A man named Zachariah Rigby (Tom Waits) approaches Marty and shares his story, with the condition that the movie includes a message to his partner in crime.

Billy and Hans steal a Shih Tzu named Bonny, unaware that it is the beloved pet of Charlie Costello (Harrelson), an unpredictable and violent gangster. Charlie’s thugs, led by Paulo (Ivanek), discover Hans’ connection to the kidnapping. They threaten to kill Marty and Hans, but the Jack of Diamonds killer arrives and shoots the thugs. Charlie traces Myra to the cancer ward and kills her after she refuses to tell him anything.

Billy goes to Costello’s house to meet his girlfriend, Angela (Kurylenko), who is also Charlie’s girlfriend. After Billy reveals to her that he kidnapped Bonny, she calls Charlie to tell him. Billy, after finding out that Charlie killed Myra, shoots Angela in retaliation. Charlie arrives at Billy’s address and discovers many packs of playing cards with the jack of diamonds missing, and realizes Billy is the “Jack of Diamonds” killer.

Marty, Billy and Hans leave the city with Bonny. Hans reveals that he was the Quaker and survived his attempted suicide. Marty unknowingly wrote his story after hearing it from a drunken Billy. The trio drive into the desert and set up camp. Billy suggests Seven Psychopaths end with an emotional shootout between the psychopaths and Charlie’s forces. Free online streaming Seven Psychopaths (2012). Marty and Hans see a headline saying that Billy is wanted in connection with the Jack of Diamonds killings. Marty confronts Billy, who reveals that he assumed the Jack of Diamonds persona to give Marty inspiration. Disillusioned, Marty tells Billy they must go home. Meanwhile, Hans has a vision of Myra and talks to her. She tells him that she is in a “grey place,” leading Hans to question his belief in the afterlife. He ignores Marty’s reassurances that his vision was a peyote-induced hallucination. Billy sets the car on fire, stranding the trio, and calls Charlie, telling him their location. Billy claims he impersonated Myra, causing Hans to leave.

Billy, with Bonnie in tow, anxiously waits for Charlie’s thug to arrive, intending to have a climactic shootout ending for himself. However, Charlie arrives alone, without a weapon apart from a flare gun. An enraged Billy shoots Charlie, feeling cheated out of a satisfactory shootout. Marty drives away with Charlie, intending to take him to a hospital, while Billy realizes the flare gun’s purpose and fires it. Hans, on his way to the main road, finds Charlie’s thugs awaiting the flare signal. The large group catches the attention of the police, who draw closer. Hans pretends to draw a weapon, causing Paulo to shoot him in front of the police. Before dying, Hans says “It isn’t grey at all”, his faith in the afterlife restored.

The thugs head towards the signal, with police in pursuit, and encounter Marty and Charlie. Charlie reveals that he only suffered a flesh wound. With backup, Charlie returns to Billy and Bonny’s location. After a shootout, Charlie and Billy have a stand-off, respectively holding Marty and Bonny hostage. Charlie releases Marty and shoots Billy just as the police arrive. Charlie and Paulo are arrested, but Bonny stays at the dying Billy’s side. Marty visits the scene of Hans’s death, and finds a tape recorder with suggestions for Seven Psychopaths on his body.

Marty, having adopted Bonny as a pet, finishes the screenplay and turns it in. Some time later later, after the Seven Psychopaths movie is shown in theater, Marty receives a call from Zachariah, who intends to kill him for forgetting to leave a message as promised. On hearing Marty’s weary and resigned acceptance, Zachariah realizes that Marty’s experiences have left him a changed man, and decides to spare him. Watch Seven Psychopaths (2012) online.