Watch online Silence (2016)

Watch online Silence (2016)

Watch online Silence (2016)

Name: Silence
Genre: Adventure, Drama, History
Rating: 7.2 Stars (7.2 / 10)
Length: 2h 41min
Release Date: 13 January 2017 (USA)



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In the 17th century. two Portuguese Jesuit priests travel to Japan in an attempt to locate their mentor. who is rumored to have committed apostasy. and to propagate Catholicism.
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Watch online Silence (2016). The film begins with a prologue of the young Father Ferreira witnessing the mortal torture of Japanese converts he has been trying to bring to the Christian faith. The young Father appears to be helpless in the presence of Japanese authorities conducting the torture to try to assist his converts in any way.
Watch online Silence (2016). Later. at St. Paul’s College. Macau. an Italian Jesuit priest. Alessandro Valignano. receives news that Father Cristóvão Ferreira. a Portuguese Jesuit in Japan. renounced his faith after being tortured. In disbelief. Ferreira’s Portuguese pupils. Fathers Sebastião Rodrigues and Francisco Garupe. set off to find him. Kichijiro. an alcoholic fisherman who fled Japan to save himself. agrees to guide them.
Watch online Silence (2016). Arriving in Japan at the village of Tomogi. the priests are dismayed to find local Christian populations driven underground. Both priests are then shocked when a samurai searching for suspected Christians. whom the villagers refer to as the “Inquisitor”. straps some of the villagers to wooden crosses by the ocean shore. where the tide eventually drowns them. The bodies are then cremated on a funeral pyre so that they cannot be granted a Christian burial.
Garupe leaves for Hirado Island. believing that their presence forces the shogunate to terrorize the village. Rodrigues goes to Gotō Island. the last place Ferreira lived. only to find it destroyed. Wandering around Gotō. he struggles over whether it is self-centered and unmerciful to refuse to recant when doing so will end others’ suffering. He eventually reunites with Kichijiro. who betrays him into the hands of the samurai. An old samurai. who had earlier accompanied the “Inquisitor” to Tomogi. tells Rodrigues that other captured Christians will suffer unless he commits apostasy.
Watch online Silence (2016). Rodrigues is taken to Nagasaki. where he is imprisoned with many Japanese converts. At a tribunal. he is told Catholic doctrine is anathema to Japan. Rodrigues demands to see governor Inoue Masashige. who he learns. to his dismay. is the old man seated before him in charge of the proceedings. Rodrigues is returned to prison. and Kichijiro soon arrives to be imprisoned as well. He explains to Rodrigues that court officials threatened him in order that he betray Rodrigues. Kichijiro then says he is a Christian and asks to be absolved of his betrayal through a confession. which Rodrigues reluctantly grants him. He later is released after agreeing again to step on a fumi-e (a crudely carved image of Christ). an act symbolizing rejection of the faith. Later. Rodrigues is brought under guard to the ocean shore to await someone. In the far distance. he witnesses a famished Garupe and three other prisoners (who have apostatized) approaching on the shoreline under separate guard. Still in the distance. the three other prisoners are taken offshore on a small boat and are about to be drowned from the boat one-by-one as an inducement to get Garupe to renounce his faith. Rodrigues is restrained by guards on shore as he watches Garupe refuse to apostatize. He then sees the desperate Garupe himself futilely drown when Garupe attempts to swim offshore trying to rescue the last of the three prisoners being drowned.
After some time. Rodrigues is eventually taken to meet an older Ferreira. Ferreira says he committed apostasy while being tortured. and states that after 15 years in the country and a year in the temple. he believes Christianity is a lost cause in Japan. Rodrigues calls him a disgrace. but Ferreira is implacable. That night in his prison cell. Rodrigues hears five Christians being tortured. Ferreira tells him that they have already apostatized; it is his apostasy the Japanese demand to save them. As Rodrigues looks upon a fumi-e. he hears the voice of Christ giving him permission to step on it. and he does.
Years later. after Ferreira has died. Kichijiro asks Rodrigues to absolve him of his apostasy. but Rodrigues refuses. saying he is no longer a priest. Kichijiro later is caught with a religious amulet he claims to have won while gambling. but never bothered to look inside the pouch. He is taken away and never heard from again. Many years later. Rodrigues dies. He is placed in a large round wooden casket. and his body is cremated. In his hand is the tiny crudely-made crucifix that was given to him when he first came to Japan. Watch online Silence (2016).